Why Black and White?

Good news regarding "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes". Ron and I have brought out a black and white edition at a much reduced price with the color images of all our glazes being readily available on this website.   Here are the details and our reasoning.

When the 6th printing sold out in March of this year, we found it difficult to justify printing more. To get reasonable economics on color book printing you have to print several thousand at a time. Although it has been an extremely successful book and we have sold over 18,000 over the years, sales had slowed--most potters already have a copy---well, it seems, not everybody. We have received numerous emails pleading with us to bring it back into print.

As we have previously announced, the book is still available as an eBook on Apple's iPad, iPhone, iPad mini, and iPod Touch. And for those with a Mac, it is now available on your computer if you have upgraded to the new (and free) version of the Mac OS X (called Mavericks). While sales of the eBook are growing nicely and it is now available in 50 countries around the world, not everyone has one of those Apple gadgets or a Mac. Plus some people just want a "real book".

So what to do??  Ron and I have always been willing to break new ground and experiment--we are one of the few to self publish a pottery how-to book and maybe the first to turn it into an eBook--so we have been examining options.  Also, frankly, we are just a little teed off at the folks trying to sell the original book at prices ranging from $150 - $6000+. 

What we found was that Print On Demand (POD) technology has come a long way since we first published back in 2002--at least for black and white books with a color cover. POD for color books is still quite expensive. Going POD would allow us to print a few at a time and still have economics that would allow us to lower the price significantly ($24.95 vs. $39.95 for the color version). Yes all the graphic images would be in grayscale, but they would be decent quality. And we have put a matching set of color images here on this website. So over the summer we have been testing various POD printers and working out how we would pull this off.  Here is what we are offering.

The book will be slightly smaller in size (6 x 9 instead of 7 1/2 x 10) but thicker (240 pages vs. 168). It has the same full color cover albeit downsized to 6 x 9.  The content had to be reformatted and updated, but we worked from a format similar to what we used on the eBook and did the same updating as we did in the eBook. After some trial runs in July and August, we are ready to offer it for sale. We got a new ISBN for the book (9780973006322) so there should be no confusion between the original and the POD editions. For the time being we are only selling it through thebookpatch.com--a small business based in Arizona, USA. Click on the "buy now" button on the Buying Information menu item.

If you decide to buy, please let us know how this works for you. If this B&W version is well received it will allow us to keep "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes" in print for the foreseeable future.

John and Ron

© 2013 John Hesselberth and Ron Roy, all rights reserved.