About the Authors

Ron Roy and John Hesselberth first met on the Clayart Computer Forum in about 1998. As they exchanged messages and watched each other's responses to other people's messages, they developed a deep respect for the other's capabilities and realized they shared common goals. Ron and John met in person for the first time at NCECA in Denver in March of 2000 and cemented their on-line friendship. It was at that conference they decided to write this book.


Ron (right) has been a studio potter for over 50 years firing mostly at cone 10 reduction. His work is shown in many publications including Robin Hopper's revision of Daniel Rhodes' Clay and Glazes for the Potter, third edition and the second edition of The Ceramic Spectrum, Richard Zakin's Ceramics - Ways of Creation and Karen Ann Wood's Tableware in Clay.

He is technical advisor to Tucker's Pottery Supplies monitoring clay production and helping customers with clay and glaze problems. He is also very active as a consultant helping potters solve clay and glaze problems and conducts workshops on the use of glaze calculation software.

He is active on the email list ClayArt and helps maintain the glazes in Mastering Cone 6 Glazes when materials change and are no longer available. Check out his new website at ronroy.net. It is dedicated to making great functional pottery and has a gallery that shows his work over the last 45+ years.

John (left) is a retired chemical engineer who first had a 30 year career in industrial research. His pottery experience goes back almost 40 years when he learned to throw after having built a kickwheel for his wife, Judy. Pottery remained a hobby until he retired from industry in 1996 and he has been building his pottery skills full time since then. He works with both wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware pottery and fires to cone 6 in an electric kiln.

He is a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and served as President of the Board of Directors of that 1500 member organization in 2007 and 2008. He has authored articles for both Clay Times and Ceramics Monthly. His work may be seen in Handbuilt Tableware by Kathy Triplett as well as on his website.

In addition to coauthoring Mastering Cone 6 Glazes with Ron, John authored and sells GlazeMaster™ glaze calculation software when he became dissatisfied with the other available programs.

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