GlazeMaster™ 3  Downloads

The files are about 48 (Windows) and 85 (Macintosh) megabytes in compressed form. But first download the Quick Start PDF as it will provide further instructions of unzipping and locating the proper files in the downloaded material. Installation is simple but probably different than you are used to, particularly for Windows machines.

To proceed with a download first make sure your firewall is set to allow ftp downloads. Then click on the appropriate link below: Your browser will automatically start the download and put it wherever you normally store downloads. On Windows machines you will have to 'unzip' the file--usually done by right-clicking on it and choosing 'Extract All'. On Mac machines double click the .zip files as soon as the download is complete.

Please note that there was problem with Mac version on Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave OSs. It is now fixed in version 3.03. For more information and some history of the problem click here.

Quick Start PDF

Windows—version 3.02

For Windows XP up to and including Windows 10, click here

Macintosh—version 3.02

For Mac OS X Snow Leopard up through El Capitan,  click here

Macintosh—version 3.03

For Mac OS X Sierra, High Sierra, Mohave and Catalina, click here

FileMaker Files from which GlazeMaster was developed

These files are now available based on FileMaker 11. When I get a chance, I will upload the FileMaker 17 files which will run on Sierra - Catalina.  Click here and the download should start automatically.

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